We are NewGen Vineyard Services

We are Serving clients in the Northern Willamette Valley, our professional vineyard management company is here to serve you. We specialize in providing sustainable, comprehensive vineyard management. Our team aids Oregon vineyards with five or more acres in all their operations. From pruning to harvesting, our viticulturalists have the experience and state-of-the-art technology to help get the job done. We don’t just help with upkeep of your current vineyard—our team can design and prepare new terrain for expanding your vines. For Oregon landowners in the Northern Willamette Valley who are entirely new to grape cultivation, we’ll walk alongside you and make sure you’re set up for success from the very beginning.

Vineyard Development

Our work begins at the beginning of the vineyard, preparing the soil and finding the best ways to cultivate varied zones.

Vineyard Management

We manage every part of the vineyard, from planting and cultivating to budgeting and reporting.

AgroThermal Treatments

We are an exclusive provider of AgroThermal Systems, applying heat to vines at various points of their growth cycle for bigger yields, improved phenolics, and improved disease control.

Why Choose Us

    Zone-based farming

We carefully inspect the soil to identify areas of variability before the season begins, then farm each area according to its specific needs.

   In-field thermal treatments

Timed heat applications during growth help dry clusters after rainstorms and improve BRIX levels.

   Full service management

We work with you to handle every aspect of your vineyard, from planning and growing to budgets and reporting.

Who Are We?

NewGen Vineyard Services is a full-service vineyard management company located in the Northern Willamette Valley. We specialize in improving grape quality by identifying zones of vineyard variability and farming them specifically to their needs.