We are NewGen Vineyard Services

NewGen Vineyard Services is a full service management company. We specialize in improving grape quality by identifying zones of vineyard variability and farming them specifically to their needs. We leverage proven vineyard technologies to their fullest including software to automate client reporting of crop development and budget performance. Additionally, NewGen is an exclusive provider of thermal culture through a business partnership with AgroThermal Systems.

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Zone-Based Farming

We carefully farm variable soil areas according to their specific needs.

In-Field Thermal Treatments

Timed heat applications dry clusters after rains and improve BRIX levels.

Full Service Management

We handle everything from planning and growing to budgets and reporting.

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In busy growing seasons, we're involved in all aspects of the vineyard, from big-picture work live surveying and testing for soil variability to individual work like grafting vines and applying heat treatments.

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Our Work


Vineyard Management Done Right!

From the beginning of the season to the end, NewGen Vineyard Services is here to help Oregon wine grape growers achieve the best returns on their harvest.

   Our Mission

NewGen Vineyard Services brings years of vineyard management experience to Oregon wine grape growers, introducing them to new technologies to enhance wine flavor and improve growth in Oregon's unpredictable climate.

   Our Vision

We call it "Precision Agriculture." We look forward to helping create an industry-wide database where a single drone image can let us know exactly what is happening in a section of vineyard so we can calculate a very precise, prescriptive management practice for that section.