Vineyard Services in the Northern Willamette Valley

The goal of our professional vineyard services for the Northern Willamette Valley in Oregon, is always to bolster production of high-quality grapes. In turn, with our professional services, your quality of grapes will raise your end profits for pinot noir, chardonnay, or other desired wine. At NewGen Vineyard Services in Oregon, we provide a range of vineyard services before and throughout the growing season. Our vineyard development and management services cover everything you’ll need, from initial surveying to yield-optimized harvesting. Your vines are in professional hands when you choose to work with us. Learn more about individual services through the links below.

When you’re ready to enhance your vineyard maintenance services, contact our team immediately. We’re happy to answer any inquiries, and we’ll provide all the information you need to move forward.

Vineyard Development

Our work begins at the beginning of the vineyard, preparing the soil and finding the best ways to cultivate varied zones. We specialize in improving grape quality by identifying zones of vineyard variability and farming them specifically to their needs.


Vineyard Management

We manage every part of the vineyard, from planting and cultivating to budgeting and reporting. We leverage proven vineyard technologies to their fullest including software to automate client reporting of crop development and budget performance.


AgroThermal Treatments

We are an exclusive provider of AgroThermal Systems, applying heat to vines at various points of their growth cycle for bigger yields. In fact, we pioneered the use of heat to dry off clusters after rains and to improve BRIX levels.