Vineyard Development Services in the Northern Willamette Valley

Good wine doesn’t happen by accident. The outcome for an excellent glass of wine begins way back during the vineyard development phase. With NewGen Vineyard Services, we aid current vineyard proprietors and property owners in establishing fruitful vines. Throughout the Northern Willamette Valley, our vineyard development services prepare your soil and vines and help strategize on how to best care for your wine grape fields throughout their lifespan.

Our professional vineyard planning and design services in Oregon can set your business ahead by preventing future loss due to vine illness and poor yields. Even if your current vineyard has a strong, quality production yield, this will not last unless proper care takes place.

Some areas our vineyard development services include:

  • Help new vintners select the best locations for their vineyards.
  • Examine soil types and underlying formations to ensure they’re suitable for vineyard development. 
  • Identify zones of vineyard variability and develop working strategies for customized farming practices for your field.
  • Develop irrigation blocks, drainage design, and trellis system design using field analysis.
  • Design vineyard spacing layout based on your required grape quality and vine density.
  • Develop and implement a plan for essential amendments to field acidity or increased organic components, such as gypsum, lime, or compost. 
  • Develop a ripping plan to remove any barriers to the desired root depth penetration.
  • Ensure that an adequate irrigation system is in place.
  • Ensure your desired vine clones and rootstocks are selected.
  • Create plant procurement and other supply needs recommendations.
  • Connect you with ongoing vineyard management services for optimal wine grape quality and yield.

If you’d like to find out how our vineyard development services in the Northern Willamette Valley can specifically benefit you, contact our viticulturalists today. You can direct all inquiries by phone, by e-mail, or by leaving us a message online.