Vineyard Management Services

Through NewGen’s vineyard management services, you’ll receive ample benefits from our years of experience in wine grape-growing in Oregon’s Northern Willamette Valley. The heart of our company’s mission is to utilize new technologies in order to heighten your wine’s flavor and improve growing conditions. We understand the difficulties associated with grape growth in Oregon. Specifically, we know that Oregon’s unpredictable climate changes from year to year, making predicting and understanding grape growth patterns burdensome.

Employing our experienced viticulturalists could be crucial for the health of your vineyard. We’ll help with your vineyard supervision to ensure you get the most out of your harvest. Gain full support throughout the grape growing season with our vineyard management services.

Our all-inclusive management services in the Northern Willamette Valley include, but are not limited to:

  • Vineyard analysis: Our analytics include preliminary surveys of the soil and plant nutrients levels.  Survey work can be taken by drones.
  • Vine establishment: Timing, placement, and continued attention are vital to our vine establishment service.
  • Pruning: We’ll evaluate prior growth and determine correct pruning height and position.
  • Disease and pest management: Within our management service, we’ll put up safeguards to prevent and handle any existing ailments in your Oregon property.  We can utilize our established Agrothermal technology to help you with powdery mildew. Read about how we use heat treatments to increase wine flavor and aroma.
  • Water management: Moisture levels affect the quality and health of your wine grapes. Our viticulturists can determine when your vines are under water stress and create strategies for irrigation.
  • Budgeting and reporting data management: With proven vineyard software, we automate client reporting of crop development and budget performance.

At NewGen Vineyard Services, we’ll oversee your vineyard operations and optimize for sustainable practices. In everything we do, we use current best practices—including revolutionary technology implementation in the field. We bring our own pioneered drone and Agrothermal technology to your terrain. Through our experience and technology, we deliver higher-quality wine grapes and yields with less loss to rot and other preventable damages.

Reach out to our team regarding our professional vineyard management services for the Northern Willamette Valley today. We’ll provide additional information and next steps for your vineyard to be well-maintained under our care.